Dialogue on Tax and SDGs

Taxation plays a critical role in financing and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, there is often a lack of shared understanding and collaboration between tax administrators, policymakers, diplomats, and academia. Valuable academic research on taxation is not always absorbed into policymaking. To address this, the United Nations Development Programme, Columbia University, the Government of Finland and the Government of Norway host an annual Tax for SDGs Dialogue. This multi-day event convenes high-level policymakers, diplomats, tax administrators, and experts to discuss how fiscal policies and tax reforms can help realize the 2030 Agenda. Interactive sessions focus on key issues like domestic resource mobilization, inequality, climate change, and more. By exchanging ideas and building partnerships, participants gain new insights into leveraging taxation for sustainable development. Past dialogues have sparked new research, pilot projects, and policy reforms. To learn more, you can watch the past editions below.

Dialogue 2023
Dialogue 2022