Nergis Gulasan
SDG Finance Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean
Irma mosquera
Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama
Tax and SDGs Training Specialist
Amna khalifa
Amna Khalifa
SDG Taxation Framework Technical and Outreach Specialist
Agustin redonda
Agustin Redonda
Tax Incentives and Expenditures Specialist
Nina Stranzenbach
Global Coordinator
Marcos Neto
Director, Sustainable Finance Hub
Vito intini
Vito Intini
Regional Lead Economist Arab States
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Ricardo Andres Guerrero Fernandez
Regional Programme Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean
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Melanie Robert
Tax Transparency and Anti-Corruption in Tax Administration Specialist
Suren Poghosyan
SDG Finance Advisor, Europe and CIS
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Tatiana Falcao
Tax and Environment Specialist
Sudarshan Kasturirangan
Regional Programme Specialist, Asia and the Pacific
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Caroline Othim
Taxation and Gender Equality Specialist
Odd hansen
Odd Hanssen
Tax and Health Specialist
Tom Beloe
Thomas Beloe
Chief of Programme, Sustainable Finance Hub
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Saied Sulaiman
National Coordinator, Nigeria
Victoria Kravchuk
Operations Specialist
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Lyla Latif
Wealth Taxation, Content Development and Training on Tax for SDGs Specialist
Ahtesham R. Khan
Ahtesham Khan
Head of Tax for SDGs
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Micah Samuel Gaalya
Digitalization of Tax Administration Specialist
Elisa Shaqqur
Project Analyst
Tingwei Yin
Tingwei Yin
Programme and Partnership Specialist
Nara monkam
Monkam Nara
Evidence Based Tax Policy Making and SDGs Specialist
Munawer khwaja
Munawer Khwaja
SDG Taxation Framework Specialist
Hafiz choudhury
Hafiz Choudhury
Extractive Industries, Energy and Islamic Finance Specialist
Radhika lal
Radhika Lal
SDG Finance Advisor, Asia and the Pacific
Peter hongler
Peter Hongler
Taxation and Private Sector Governance Specialist
Natalia Pushkareva
Regional Programme Specialist, Europe and CIS
Rachel in suit 2020 cropped
Rachel Beach
Regional Programme Specialist, Arab States